International Students Guide

NAFA-appointed overseas education counsellors provide course advice and application services to international students. Countries and regions with NAFA overseas education counsellors include China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Overseas admissions tests start from August 2020 to April 2021 (test dates vary between countries). Applications made through non-NAFA appointed education counsellors will not be accepted. For full list of NAFA appointed overseas education counsellors, click here.

All international applicants must meet the admission requirements for NAFA Diploma courses. If you are only able to submit your full results in mid-2021, you may use your school examination results or trial examination results for registration. You must provide a letter from your school to certify that these results are true and correct, and that you are currently waiting for the release of your final results. In this case, you are also required to sit for the NAFA English Placement Test.

International students residing overseas are required to apply for admission to NAFA through the appointed education counsellors when applicable. Applications made through non-NAFA education counsellors will not be accepted. These counsellors may charge up to S$4,000 service fees per student. NAFA does not collect service fees on behalf of the counsellors. The payment schedule of the service fees is as follows:

Phase 1 - One week before Admission Test/Audition

All fees paid in this phase are non-refundable.
Your application fee, test fees, and administrative costs of document verification and translation will be collected once you sign the agency contract.

Phase 2 - Collection of student contracts

Collection of 50% of the total service fees specified in the signed agency contract with the applicant before completing Phase 2 of the NAFA online registration.

Phase 3 - Upon collection of SOLAR+ code from ICA

Collection of the 50% balance in service fees specified in the signed agency contract (ICA processing fees and Issuance fees shall be borne by students).

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All international applicants are required to apply for a Student’s Pass through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore after acceptance by an educational institute to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

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